Watch me mind fuck this woman

This is 3 days before we met for the first time. She flew to Reno Nevada and I drove up there. Watch how I MIND FUCK her:



zenmack: go to bed baby
zenmack: we will talk in the morning
charles : not yet Please Daddy
zenmack: you need your rest
zenmack: think baby
zenmack: we have the rest of our lives
charles : no, pleeze a while
zenmack: ok 15 more minutes
zenmack: then it’s bed time for us
charles : really Daddy
charles : thank you
charles : really you think so?
zenmack: yes
charles : wish i could see u
zenmack: haven’t you thought so
zenmack: uh uh
charles : Very much so, yes
zenmack: the web cam is tiring
charles : k
charles : i like this 2, has its advantages
charles : still feel you loud and strong!
zenmack: good babygirl
charles : i wish i was with you
charles : every minute
zenmack: soon baby
charles : all the time now
zenmack: just a few more days
zenmack: and you and I will bond
charles : amost hurts, sound weird?
charles : almost
zenmack: no it doesn’t
charles : you looked tired in that last cam shot…
charles : what video did u watch?
zenmack: I am
charles : k
zenmack: started to watch
zenmack: don’t laugh
zenmack: “the seed of chucky:
charles : sweet dreams Daddy, im draggin too
zenmack: I’ve seen all of em
zenmack: lol
zenmack: yes we are
zenmack: we both are run down
charles : lol
zenmack: and need rest
charles : thank you for today, i enjoyed it very much with My Man
zenmack: I need to figure out how to hook up my web cam in my bedroom
zenmack: lol
charles : yes
zenmack: I was joking
charles : that would be nice
zenmack: I’ll bet it would be
charles : and of course , i am not
zenmack: what’s so grand about watching me sleep in the dark
zenmack: there would only be darkness
zenmack: cause I need total darkness to sleep
zenmack: I even have a blanket over my windwo
charles : no candles??
zenmack: window
zenmack: hell no
zenmack: might burn up
zenmack: plus that light
zenmack: I must have think eye lids
charles : cave dweller!! like me
zenmack: yup
zenmack: total
zenmack: ancient primitive male energy
charles : me too Daddy
zenmack: I’ve said that you and I are of the same
zenmack: which is why we are connecting so well
charles : although when i lost my guns, i did start sleeping with some lite on
zenmack: both of us are highly sexed
zenmack: and sensitive
zenmack: lost your guns
zenmack: what guns
charles : had weapons, lost them in pawn
charles : 1st time in my life pawning
charles : never mind
zenmack: hmmm…you will have to tell me more
zenmack: saturday
charles : i trained with a merc
zenmack: why
zenmack: for what
charles : empowered, and prepared to defend if neccessary?
charles : they are history now
charles : got u anyhow
zenmack: ok
zenmack: yes
zenmack: that is a mans role
zenmack: to protect his woman
charles : i will be protected
zenmack: in my strong arms
zenmack: you will be
charles : thank you
zenmack: you can rest
zenmack: and feel safe
zenmack: I’m throbbing again for you
charles : dont know if i ever have
charles : me too, throbbing
zenmack: time for bed baby
zenmack: good nite babygirl
charles : Love you Daddy
zenmack: meet me on the astral plane tonight
charles : k
zenmack: we can dance by the astral light
zenmack: our souls are connecting baby
zenmack: I can feel it
zenmack: it’s a rushing sensation
zenmack: when I focus on you
charles : me too
zenmack: I am putting all of my hopes and
zenmack: dreams into you babygirl
zenmack: I am a demanding man
zenmack: demanding of 110%
zenmack: love and devotion
==================PAY ATTENTION FELLAS..I’M PIMPING==========

zenmack: total
zenmack: and complete
zenmack: nothing half assed
charles : then i am blessed
zenmack: I will give you all the time you need to show me
zenmack: and I will devote all of my energy
zenmack: to you babygirl
zenmack: my need for you is growing so got dam fucking strong
zenmack: it’s pissing me off
zenmack: that friday is so far the fuck away
zenmack: I need to be inside of you
zenmack: I need to feel you under me
zenmack: I need to feel myself throbbing at the edge of cumming
zenmack: inside of you
zenmack: I want to feel your ass in my hands pulling you to me with each fucking thrust
zenmack: digging deeper and deeper into you
zenmack: I need to feel the softness of your breast
zenmack: against my chest
zenmack: pressed hard
zenmack: I need your lips locked onto mind
zenmack: mine
zenmack: bruising hard
zenmack: hard hard hard kisses
zenmack: hard and desperate
zenmack: passionate and reaching
zenmack: total surrendering of you
zenmack: I need to be like a force of nature
zenmack: moving into you baby
zenmack: and errupting like a volcano
zenmack: spilling hot lava into you
zenmack: painfully sweet
zenmack: deep
zenmack: burning
zenmack: and raising up for more
zenmack: like a fuggin pheonix from the ashes
zenmack: I want to scream down your throat
zenmack: make you hear me
zenmack: make you feel me
zenmack: hear my essence calling for you
zenmack: in a way mankind hasn’t heard in eons of time
zenmack: only through you can I find the doorway
zenmack: back into myself
zenmack: only through being inside of you will I see myself
zenmack: and all that I am
zenmack: all that I am capable of in this lifetime
zenmack: you are my key
zenmack: my door
zenmack: my womb
zenmack: your place is as my wo-man
zenmack: my other half
zenmack: can you feel me babygirl
zenmack: look deep inside
charles : i am on my way
zenmack: I am there
charles : i will never leave u if that is what u want
charles : 110%
zenmack: I am going to take you to a whole new world baby
zenmack: I’m going to break you and make you
charles : Daddy hear you, and know you hear and feel me
zenmack: you will belong to me
zenmack: I will own you
zenmack: completely
zenmack: everythought that you will have after sunday
zenmack: I will be in it
zenmack: more than now
zenmack: I will join with you as no other that you have met before has
zenmack: that is my purpse
zenmack: purpose
zenmack: and goal
zenmack: to break you open
zenmack: and take you to another place
zenmack: to make you stretch
zenmack: and grow
charles : yes
zenmack: to challenge you
zenmack: and help you up
zenmack: I am lonely
zenmack: so got dam lonley baby
zenmack: I have been lonely all of my fucking life
zenmack: surrounded by people
zenmack: and still alone
zenmack: I hate this solitude
zenmack: I go to bed everynight
zenmack: lonely
zenmack: empty
zenmack: or full
zenmack: needing a place to
zenmack: pour all that I am into
zenmack: a womb to pour all of my love into
zenmack: I love deep and powerful and endless
zenmack: win my heart
zenmack: and you have a champion for life
zenmack: who will never lay down
zenmack: who will give you what you are searching for
zenmack: and more
charles : same here
zenmack: good nite baby
charles : everything you just said is me
charles : too
charles : all my life
charles : i need it to be u
zenmack: go on
zenmack: all of your life
charles : ive been lonely
charles : horribly so
charles : almost suiciadally so
charles : at times
charles : its been hard
charles : lots of drama
charles : i Want with my entire being to Be About My Man, and that is You Daddy
zenmack: yes
charles : we shall make it so, i Do believe that
zenmack: uh huh
charles : how demanding can u be??
zenmack: very
zenmack: baby
zenmack: not in a bad way
charles : ie??
charles : cool then
zenmack: I demand total commitment
charles : k
zenmack: no outside voices in my womans ear
charles : ?
zenmack: you did the right thing by getting rid of the others
charles : thank you, did it right away too
charles : just didnt tell u
charles : thought id scare you
zenmack: I want to know everything
zenmack: everything
zenmack: in my womans life
charles : outside voices? explain
zenmack: other men
zenmack: trying to get my stuff
charles : NEVER
charles : Ill let you know, so u can keep the fucking freaks off me
zenmack: good
charles : im so fucking sick of that shit
zenmack: I hate hearing about shit later on down the road
charles : you have NOOOO idea
charles : me too
zenmack: ok I’m going to bed baby
zenmack: sleep well
charles : bye, nite
charles : u too
zenmack: nite
charles : 3 days


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