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mattsworld17 5 days ago (edited)
$$$$$$$ what’s good player. Just wanted to share my story!!! You helped me become a stronger man! I never had problems getting a girl, my issue was keeping them, Ruling them and getting them to play there position in life instead of me jumping though hoops and all that bullshit! I’m not the player type and I realize that. What I got from the game is life!! Playing the game of life is what it’s about with me and being successful. I just wanna thank u man for your knowledge. Even tho I’m happy in life I still watch your videos to keep me sharp and on point. I have many of your products and I still listen. I always pick up something new that I can use in the real world. To me it’s not all about girls. It’s about being a man and I wanna thank you for I know this is something Extreme to say but I know for a fact I’m your greatest work. Check me out on Facebook Ray Fayne is my name and also I hope to meet u soon. Be blessed brother!!

August 3, 2017