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Posted Today, 04:34 PM
I Remember listening to player supreme on youtube about 4 years ago. His camera was of poor quality but his words spoke volume.I don’t recall exactly what I typed on youtube. Either night club seduction or how to be a man. One of those.I was damn to see player supremes video. The quality was messed up alright.No disrespect to boss lol : )
Nonetheless that was what separated him form the rest of the “teachers” / Gurus. He was authentic and he didn’t try to get your attention from youtube.
Furthermore there was something that he said that spoke to me. ”I tell you the truth of the game in this world” with his fingers pointing towards the me.
I went through his videos back then the player supreme show channel and it was like he was talking directly to me not only about women but about growth as a man.
Jumped on a hangout one day and asked his guidance and indeed I got it.
With the help of another student by the name of Greece2000. on a second hangout he was in,got cancel from him and studied his field reports, as I listened to supreme shows, bought a couple of materials where I needed to make a few adjustments and slowly improve.
This is my response to the mindfucking case study from player and the text exchange with texts.
You can download the show if you interested to hear the critic from Player supreme and how I can better it.Its called “innocents mindfucking”
I Would appreciate all your feedbacks in addition to further improve and better on.
Always a student to learn.
1.Along the show supreme was right. The sound of my voice was what she liked. Over the months (almost a year) I trained to deepen my voice. Supreme taught how you can do that.(By speaking from your balls.).I also listened to the seductive voice show as I practiced to improve my voice quality and deepen it.
2.The exact sound she wanted to hear was when I was in a sexual state.I always toned down my voice and deepened it while commanding her and making her cum over the phone. You can best learn this from Greece2000 s phone sex.He did this best.His style worked best for me.
3.I have dealt with a couple of women from all cultures and walks of life including (asians,business minded women,stewardess) learning more of what they want.A man.
which takes time,growth and is a learning process.
Second field report on whether women are sexual coming up from supreme and what he talked about coming next….

August 3, 2017