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Hello, l would like to say that l have been inspired by ur center on the universe mentality and it has really helped me in my life. I feel more confident in the way l approach things (chasing
self-improvement)and through studying ur posts on pimphop/PN erased my symp ways as well. I always had ways of treating life that were congruent with pimposophies and with visiting these sites
(courtesy of Brother Rapp) it feels like waking up from a coma. Thank you for sharing ur knowledge freely on the net. If you would like to see a picture of myself pls give me a email that l could
forward it to.

I dig your style!
Just crusing around the forms and I see that you have some very interesting points of view. (Many that are on these forums like to whine and complain at people who don’t have alot of “posts”, like it has anything to do with how smooth they are with chicks…)

I like that post you threw on the boards about women and the bible. I agree that women were made for men who were made for god.

Also, you put up something about females having to “compete” for the alpha male in primitive times. A situation happened to me in which a chick got kind of angry and started “manhandling” another chick that I was talking too. It was almost like the girl was trying to be the “alpha female” by dragging the other girl away from me by the arm. It got me thinking, but I could not figure out why that happened. I think you nailed it.

Hey, anyway, just letting you know that the shyt you post here IS appreciated…some of these folks just like to rip on other people because they think they know it all. Don’t let it deter you from droppin that hot shyt!

Hey Player_Supreme

I can tell, even from the short time you’ve been here, that you have your **** down. You know the game and how to play it. If you ever want to talk about it more privately and in depth give me a PM when you get the chance. I feel we can learn a lot from each other. Your are either a natural or have been reading this site for a while. Keep it up man. Good posts so far.

Plz teach me!
I saw your post for Kaizen in Rallfus’ reply. I know we weren’t supposed to read it but damn that sh!t was cool. Why don’t you make some posts on how to fvck with chicks heads? I’ve been messed around so much and It’d to be cool to be the one doing the mind-fvcks. I want to mess with my ex oneitis’ head. Plz post your knowledge for us to learn!

I like your posts, man.
–finally someone who knows what the fvck the deal is.

Help me out here bro
Hey there – I have been reading alot of your posts and agree with alot of what you have to say. I am sending you this because I would like your advice.

I have observed your posts and noticed you to be a mix of both a Player and a DJ. When i came here, that was what I ideally wanted to be. Of course people were either strongly against being a player(the majority) or strongly for it. I wanted a mix of both.

I noticed you to seem to of incorporated both traits of a player and a DJ in too your life. So here are the questions i have for you. Thanks in advance if you decide to reply.’

Secondly, Since you first appeared to the DJ Forum a few months back, I’ve read most, if not, all your posts. And i find them very to be the kind of real world advice i take to the clubs, streets,environment etc.. Even though we are different ppl from different places… ( NYC ) I also discovered you paid your due’s in the game because of your experience playing the field. And being the greedy bastard that i am… I sincerely hope i can continue to Contact You Privately in regards to seduction. It’s up to you. Since i’ve noticed you haven’t been visiting or posting in these boards lately… Do you post elsewhere??? i thought i’d politely ask if you prefer E-mail or PM on here.

this place used to be different, with peoples attitudes like yours far outwaying the blind sheep, now sadly it seems the sheep have overtaken

other sites you’re reading/posting on
Hey player,

You mentioned other sites you’re posting on – are they vbulletin boards/usenet or what? Where are they located? Interested in having a look.
lol gotta luv the Player_

hey thanx alot…HEAPS of great info

Well, it’s very interesting, from an academic perspective. I’ve always been fascinated by psychology. Especially figuring out what makes women tick. Definitely not for me. No matter how DJ I eventually get, I could never see myself playing this kind of game (or being attracted to this type of woman). But still an interesting post…


…but I’ve seen him make good points in other threads IMHO. But still, that had to have been a hyperbole.

I love this thread, so on point, so precise.

Think this belongs under tips. But excellent post, plenty of useful info.


Good stuff bro….all your tips are really helpful, DJ Bible essentials that we seem to forget a lot. I just had a not so hot night at the club yesterday, this post reminded me of what I know but sometimes forget: I’ve succeeded with before and I can do it again.

Reads like the pages out of the Bible on a gangsta tip.

Nice Postizzle!

I love this thread, so on point, so precise. I

Awesome post Player_Supreme! You definitely deserve the name Player_ Supreme, bro!

Anyway. Nice Post Player.

PS, I do believe that little bit should be the four commandments of the DJ bible!

I especially like #1. I can’t believe how FUN it can be.

Bravo player, thanks.

that’s something I’ve been saying for a long time. A lot of guys don’t seem to realise chicks’ standards aren’t as high as you think. It’s a numbers game really.

strong, ballsy, outspoken…..this is my kinda man.

Very nice observation, Player_Supreme, bravo, very true in many ways. A girl once told me that girls are just b*tches toward each other, and I’ve seen it.

Bravo player, thanks.
Top Notch post. DJ Bible material.

To the tips.

BTW nice post.
3. The cocky/but funny has been in the black community for players since ….hell I copied older ones way back in the 70’s. The double your dating dude just coined it and is marketing it now.

– Player_Supreme


I’ve read a lot of so-called seduction books and if you talk to the old school playas they’ll say basically the same thing Player_Supreme said.


I can’t believe it. Finally!!…… a nice post….helter

I read what Player_Supreme wrote about his story. I thought it was great how he handled it. I think there was enough information there for him to do what he did, and it was also enough to give you an idea it was a good thing.

You have to try and read things within context, or within atleast an imagination of what it could have been like.

Exactly supreme exactly

I agree with Player

Being a girls therapist will put you most likely in the “friend zone”…Helter Skelter

and to the person who gave me this url – thanks this place has got way more game than any other site (sosuave, cough cough)

From reading Player_Supreme’s previous posts, I believe he is on top of his game and is a true role model to the rest of us. His words to this women give her feeling to wake up, and start getting sexual. Player supreme knows exactly how to seduce women and if we lived close i would befriend him in order to up my game.

Keep schooling them.

Smooth lines, bruh.

Don Juan
Registered: Aug 2003
Posts: 51

BRO!, i Agree with y ou TOTALLY.

Even before I had any kind of game and was in the (what you guys would call AFC) stage, I would be smooth(with writing emails etc.?) with women, and thats probably the only thing I was good with that kept women all crazy.

I still use the same things today, i’m just not a wimp.

When I read your post, I could instantly tell you were on a higher level than me. I instantly realised I didn’t have the same capacity as you when I write smooth things. Not only do you write smoother but you portray yourself as a challenge and mix it with sweetness so well, she will not know what hit her.

What player_supreme is doing is so skillful that he is able to portray challenge, and everything else that shows that he is a man that you could possibly get from a neghit or C/F in such a smooth way, the girl cant help be swept to her knees in sweet words, meanwhile longing to chase for him because of the intertwined challenge through it.

If you look beyond the surface, you can tell that this guy is pretty well practiced in a type of “politics” that can be very useful in your own lives. A certain kind of charisma.

Originally posted by prosemont
continued props, player.

i’ve gotta say playa, on top of your FINE defense against all these little chickens nipping at your toenails, i’m impressed by your dj style. you’re throwing them prime rib when they’re still picking chicken feed out of the mud. you’re thinking outside the box. evaluation of the situation leading to adaptation and evolution. props.

i think ANY woman, regardless of age or race, can appreciate a man who is in control of emotion and language like that, take those sensual buds and plant them within her, knowing that there is nowhere else it will head other than the place you have guided her. strength and grace at once. the key is knowing when to use it and how much, which you obviously have mastery of.

and hell no, no dj can neglect their face to face game. neg hits, kino, ec, etc.. no email alone is going to land some pvssy. nor is all poetry copy and pasteable. ronin proved that with his dumb@ss experiment. the thing i think ronin doesn’t understand is that it isn’t HIM behind the words when he copies. that if he had skill with it, he could use poetry to his advantage when the time is right. i’m thinking that’s the big lesson you’re trying to give him? and even broader than that is the concept that the dj tool set can be infinitely expanded and adapted to the situation (HB) at hand.

i’ve been using email and poetry in my game for awhile now. it works in some situations, often just comes out in what i say naturally. its in my nature to play with words and capitalize on their power. at any rate, in the end of all this, i come away with a strengthened sense of the concept that the written word is just another powerful tool at the disposal of a refined dj to crank up IL.


Thank you Supreme Player.

You were adapting your game to her defenses so swiftly so smooth. She threw in some stuff to test you, and you just showed and affirmed to her who is in charge. In trekkie terms you rotated your phaser frequencies before she could get her defensive shields set up to block you. And showed her who’s p&##y it is.

For I have now been schooled by a master.

One day soon. I shale be there.

Player_Supreme is a certified player, he’s got his stuff together,

From reading Player_Supreme’s previous posts, I believe he is on top of his game and is a true role model to the rest of us. His words to this women give her feeling to wake up, and start getting sexual. Player supreme knows exactly how to seduce women and if we lived close i would befriend him in order to up my game.

I really enjoy reading your posts – it’s an education in something completely different to what I know. I hope you keep this thread updated.


BRO!, i Agree with y ou TOTALLY.


BRO!, i Agree with y ou TOTALLY.

GOTDAMN MOTOR SCOOTER!! You’re the f*cking man when it comes to awakening a woman’s mind to your advantage.

Props!!!!! Props!!

I’m having great success with Player_Supreme style macking. The kind of no challenge/make em horny **** that you AFC’s claim doesnt work on “white wimmins”.

Word! Preach on Supreme!!

but I did want to pitch in that I think Playa has a good idea.

I’m sorry to say it Starman, BUT What Player_Supreme is saying here goes exactly with what is preached in the DJ Bible.

I usually come on here to check out what guys who have real game have to say. For example Player_supreme, goddamn my style aint like his, BUT i learn ALOT from him, you dont learn by copying exactly you learn by reading, and thinking why, in those situations. You must be fjucking blind if you cant see past the basic aspects.

The appealing to the five senses in regards to women are so true.

I believe a lot of the DJs? on here like to knock some things down simply because their “majic” doesn’t get them all the women they want. What a stupid way to think! In this game you won’t get all but you will get most with these tactics. Some of you all fail to understand that you may not be the problem to her but other things in her life.

PS stated it right about the “logic” speaking that you all give to females. Women don’t understand logic. I thought most of the cats on here would have recognize that by now. They base everything off feelings. When you push the buttons of her “feelings” then she’ll open to whatever you negotiate from there.

Some of you cats wouldn’t be able to stimulate a fat, ugly, horney chick with the weak game that you all presents so that probably why you knock someone like PS, icepick, or whoever when they tell you something that’s not “logic” to your stello.

To those cats continue to swell your forearms like Popeye for it will take divine intervention for you to see the light.

C’mon guys this is ridiculous, I remember this whole thing started three weeks ago in that other thread that seemed to go on forever. I come back to the site and you guys are still beefing. Even though I dont agree with some of the things Player posts I dont think he should be banned. He has his own opinion, hey to each his own. Some of the advice he gives is actually on target if only you guys could stop bickering amongst yourselves you’d see that and really get something done. IMO all of you are immature for carrying on but hey only I care about my opinion. Just wanted to let you all know you look like a bunch of jackasses.

Player, I commend you for suggesting a truce.

And Skelter, are you really that petty about this? I don’t know about you, but I’m here to elevate my game, not crawl around in 5th grade bickering like this. The guy even says he just wants to help out. How is he screwing you over? Even if he’s not being entirely benevolent, the only way he can annoy you is IF YOU LET HIM, so take the truce, be a man, and STFU about it.

And as to your pointless comment, hopefully NO ONE on this board will rot away in a nursing home because we’ll all be cared about/for. That sh1t isn’t even funny to joke about. I saw my grandmother rot away with cancer in a nursing home, hitting the damned nurse call button for 45 minutes at a time while we were not there. They don’t respond, her bag almost ruptures. She’s scared as hell because no one in the place responds to her calls. Her meds are given properly. That sh1t isn’t right, and no one deserves it skelter so don’t even joke about that.

Let’s hope everyone on the board has a little tender loving HB hospice care come that time..


Really liked your stuff Player.

Props to Playa’ Supreme for mentioning this…

Player_Supreme, for your raw, no-bullshyt perspective on tha game

this is slick!
nice, very nice article

Good post, Player.

Tips Section.

Player Supreme


It’s over with your ex and you need to reconize this “fact”. She is out looking for others…you will have to get used to the idea that she will be taking another man to her bed…sorry that’s the brutal truth of it…I and every man on here has had to face this fact.

What we learn is not how to close our hearts down, but that life is ever flowing and changing….some people come and go in our lives…and we endure their coming and going cause that is life…constantly changing and evolving. This girl saved you years of future pain…cause in your pain you reached out and pulled this site into your world.

Now your here and it’s time for you to learn. It was ment to be and neccessary for you to go throught this in order to find your way to where you were ment to be.

Sh*t! Player, that stuff you said brought me back to when I first came here. Sent chills down my spine bro. Wise words.

Player_Supreme’s post was right on the money, and beautiful (I didn’t know you could be so touchy-feely Player ).

Again, I think Player_Supreme has given you the best possible attitude and actions to take to pull yourself out of this one.

excellent post Player,

keep up the good ****

You’s a genius Player, a goddamn genius! Keep it pimpin!

All I can say about this post is…
TRUE and…..


You’re right on the money with this, Player.

Good post, i think the mindset Player is talking about here is what enables one to accomplish Confident persistance.

Player Supreme has a good post on the forum right now about getting into a girls head. Check it out.

Good stuff supreme as usual.

Originally posted by Survivor
You post some good stuff, Player.

But your advice belongs in the Tips Section.

However, my point is, that you stuck to your gunz, and now you’re probably one of the more creative posters on this site.. This only, because you bring your very own perspective to the table.



Hey Player,

Been reading your stuff lately and it makes a lot of sense.

Good stuff, Master Supreme.


As usual, Player Supreme delivers the goods!
Great post Player, but I’m usually not moving as fast as you — probably because I’m not a fast mover and not in your league.



Player_Supreme is a good one to listen to (although, I have to admit I feel uncomfortable with the whole “pimp” thing…I find it unnecessary and somewhat crueler than what I’m capable of).



hello, I know that you probably get alot of PM’s but I wanted to say that I think you are one of the better people that post on this board and give good advice along with relaying your experiences.

You and I are so different its not even funny. I can tell that by your posts. I am like alot of guys on this board who aspire to be more succsesful with women. I wonder sometimes why some guys are better with women than others, I guess its like some people are better at sports than others. I personally think alot of things contribute to a persons ability to attract/maintain personal relationships. Self image, self concept and a persons experiences growing up all have an effect on ones abilty to attract a mate. It might seem unfair to say that some people just aren’t good enough and will never be succesful with women. With saying that I wonder if myself is included in that statement. On the other hand it is crude to make that statement to begin with but just because no one wants to hurt others feelings doesn’t take away from the fact that it might be true. I think that I am a victim of my own ideology sometimes concerning this. It’s unfair to label some people as being hopeless becuase who really has the right to do that?
I enjoy reading your posts. You give a “manly” view on things and seem to have a good overview on this topic. You don’t seem to be onesided. what I mean is just when I think you will say treat a girl a certian way you say the opposite and give reason. I find myself reading a post and getting an idea from that and applying it to every situation regardless of the circumstances. That also shows my lack of experience in situations like these.
I have asked alot of my friends what I am doing wrong with women, why I am not succesful. No one has given me an answer. I don’t know if its because they honestly dont know of they are just afraid to say the truth. I am all for constructive critizsm, because if I know what I am doing wrong I can change it and move on to the next thing. Living in ignorance might be bliss but it also hinders ones abilty to improve.
Sorry this was so long it wasn’t intended to. thanks for the good posts.


Player summed up a lot of things for you Rushie. I’d print it out so you can look back on it when you feel like buying her something. Or start getting weak because a girl doesn’t like you anymore. It’s all about control. Basically remember one line about relationships and you’ll be much more successful. “The one who cares least about the relationship, controls the relationship.”

Wasssup money. Sure you’ve heard all this sh*t before, but I wanted to tell your pimpin’ ass that I think your advice / tips/ words of wisdom, whatever you wanna call it is very good. I like to consider myself as a player too, but I’m now working & chillin in the northern part of England, near Liverpool – though I was born and breed in Brooklyn NY.

Anyway, keep the advice coming it’s definitely added to my arsenal.


ay, i appreciate what you’re doing for us guys , and everythang .

Good post Supreme.It’s a good pep talk (as good as tygr’s one yesterday ) By the way I’m wondering what was your commitment level? Even higher then most of us or about the same?

My bad
wattup playa, i know we had our differences but i just wanna say my bad. You really do know what ur talkin about, and ive always said that. Maybe i can use ur advice sometime.

PS. if u wanna post this up go ahead.

thanx again Playa… Your the only person on this board that i think knows what they talkin about..hb


Wasssup money. Sure you’ve heard all this sh*t before, but I wanted to tell your pimpin’ ass that I think your advice / tips/ words of wisdom, whatever you wanna call it is very good. I like to consider myself as a player too, but I’m now working & chillin in the northern part of England, near Liverpool – though I was born and breed in Brooklyn NY.

Anyway, keep the advice coming it’s definitely added to my arsenal.



OpenMind wrote on 11-26-2003 09:26 PM:
hey player.. i have the utmost respect for you in the female field as my collegues do me for me in my professional field... i have some questions for you as i feel that you will be able to give me the answers that will set me straight..

how would you deal with a female narcissist that is playing you hard while keeping her ex (so she says) in the background (who by the way has emtionally abused her over the last 5 years) as an option for her.. but who you know has feelings for you.. this girl is up my ass like a suppository and i do have feelings for her.. she is all about control and does not fit my goals …. i personally know what i want to do but i want your input cuz i think u r one smart fvcker.. help me out here.. if you need any more info i can give it to ya but i have to tell ya there is alot.. thanks bro..

thanks again mack, i learn something new from you every day..do tha damn thang!


I need some help
Hi Player Supreme

I think your posts give some very sensible advise. I’ve got a problem, and I’m hoping that you can offer your opinion on it.

You guys should listen to Supreme…he knows his shyt

just my 2 cents

I know I will probably be in a future verval scuffle with you, so I hesitate in telling you this…

Your posts today have been well played.



I wrote the name of all you sick bastards that like things up their anus or condone such nefarious activities – you lesbians – homo – fags – paedophiles – hos

You bastards are an abberation and I would like to see all of you put behind bars on charges of deviancy and devil worship – dogs!!!!

Player Supreme took all of you pvssies on by himself on this issue and i commend him for doing so — your faggot generation should be ashamed for your thinking and behavior and you sure in the hell ain’t a DJ —

How could you be effeminate and call yourself a dj? Blashphemous talk! Devils!!!!!

Puerto Rican lover

I can’t wait!!

Until your sweet, caring, intelligent, trustworthy, moral, hot blonde girlfriend dumps your stupid ignorant ASS.

Or better yet you’ll dump her!

I can’t wait until she finds some other guy who brings out the best in her. Some guy she’ll love talking to. Some guy who inspires her and shows her the time of her life.

I hope she rubs your f u c k i n g nose in it too!!!

You’re looking for someone else to provide you excitement, inspire you and provoke thought. Well buddy you get out of a relationship what you put in.

I loved your story about when you and your friends went out for breakfast. It proves how much of a chump you and your buddies really are. The guys at one end having a grand old time while the girls are sitting at the other end silently picking at their food bored out of their minds.

Player Supreme gave you some great advice. Too bad you’ve got your head up your ass.

I commend you for not wanting to settle or sell yourself short but to place the blame solely on HER for your relationship problems is very immature. Its a two way street pal.

I’m sure Player Supreme has been around the block a few more times than you. So have I for that matter. Enough to know that sweet, caring, trustworthy, intelligent, moral super hot chicks aren’t just a dime a dozen.

I’m sure you’ll figure it out in a few more years.

You needn’t bother flaming me or telling me not to respond to anymore of your posts.

Don’t worry, I won’t be reading them.

from bones:

Playa must be saying something worthwhile since everyone is in such a tizzy about his comments. If he’s such a moron then stop responding to him. Say what you want, but enjoying anal penetration could be considered a warning sign that you might be a homosexual. To talk as if there’s no link between gay behavior and anal stimulation is kind of silly and illogical. Shoving things in the ass has and always will be associated with gays because of practices like anal sex, fisting, and the like. The two aren’t mutually exclusive in reality, despite the politically correct garbage people like to spew.

Hey man
hey man….Keep up your threads…..the real guys that like comming on here to keep up with the new ****t not the same old sissy questions..even then new guys like us are enjoying your stuff…and ways..i guess ijust wanted to say thanks…Take care dude!

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Yep, P_S has game — one of the relatively few here who does in my humble opinion.
Y’all get hung up on how he says stuff without looking at the spirit of it. But, that’s cool, I don’t get the impression he’s fretting about it.

He may have a different angle than would work for someone else or that someone else would want to use, but as with everything here — take what works for you and leave the rest.

Okay, I’m closing this love fest. haha.

Thread Closed.
Thats right , I’m the fake “player”….

On that note, who REALLY shot JFK?

To Tits: I agree, Prosemont gives valuable stuff back to the “community”. I’m sure he has mad experience in most elements of the game.

hey man
hey man, I just want to say that most of the stuff you say on this board is so true to life its crazy. I like to believe I can figure people out (and I can) but you take it to a whole nuther level.

I just wanted to ask if I could IM u on AIM from time to time for advice?
My screename is dejital1

Props!!!!! Props!!

Word! Preach on Supreme!!

I’m sorry to say it Starman, BUT What Player_Supreme is saying here goes exactly with what is preached in the DJ Bible.

I usually come on here to check out what guys who have real game have to say. For example Player_supreme, goddamn my style aint like his, BUT i learn ALOT from him, you dont learn by copying exactly you learn by reading, and thinking why, in those situations. You must be fjucking blind if you cant see past the basic aspects.

17 word pages of this shit…For marketing purposes of course…so don’t bother with feeding the ego type stuff you heads.

[B]Dang, it’s been well over half a year since I’ve been here and nothing’s changed, Player Supreme! I say, stop worrying about others, and take care of yourself. Steps to confidence #1. Take care. [/B][/QUOTE]

Yeah I’m still here spitting game to all who want to learn the truth…I kinda recall us beefing. I don’t hold anything personal. I just figgure the person is misinformed and needs to be straightened out…once they see the truth then they will make comments like:


BRO!, i Agree with y ou TOTALLY.

GOTDAMN MOTOR SCOOTER!! You’re the f*cking man when it comes to awakening a woman’s mind to your advantage.

I want to ask you why you came back here?

Are you in between women right now? And why mix in with debates if this is what you do not enjoy?

Player Supreme As always much respect for you and your no BS style.

And JBBrain I was surprised to see your response after the flaming on your other thread. I was also relieved that you were giving good advice instead of more flames. I sometimes find myself saying things I regret when I come to the forum. I’m not sure why. Weird mood, bad day, I don’t know. I hope it may have been “one of those days” for you. I didn’t mean to get involved that way but I guess I took offense and also didn’t like the way you were flaming Player Supreme. I know you two don’t see eye to eye. And I do understand the flaming. At times Player’s advice may come off as harsh and in your face but that is his style. Whether you like it or not I think you’ll find most of what he has to say – true. I have. Anyways that is between you and him. As far as you and I go – no hard feelings here. Thanks for the advice.

I didn’t want to end the relationship based on this issue. However my eyes and ears are wide open. I really like Player Supreme’s point about “If you stare at her long enough you’ll see right thru her. Eventually her sh!t will come to the surface.”
I can’t help feeling right now that she may have some deep dark past that she is hiding behind her very innocent exterior. All I can go on is what I see of her now. Which is a great girl who is absolutely crazy about me and would probably lie to me so I wouldn’t think any less of her.

This is a HALL OF FAME post if I ever saw one.

Player NAILS it.

Dead on. Right on the head.

Good job.

Im here!I was put on 2 this site by a great man, after languishing on sosymp, I cant front I learned some things during my time there but there was something missing. I just joined a couple weeks ago and this is the Sh*t. I just wanted to introduce myself, show me some love.

I got this new white gurl right now, she was tryna F*ck earlier and I got her all hot and bothered and then bounced. HA HA, that Sh*t was priceless my N*gga now she wont overvalue her P*ssy over my D*ck and next time I see her imma tear her ass up. I LOVE THIS GAME.

I rep Queens NY, but im in MD now doing the school thing. Im 22 yrs young and honestly just now learning how to play this game of life.

Word up Player, it was in fact you who put me on, I came to you for help after reading one of your posts, something in your words separated you from those so called “Dons”. I come over here and your tha man here you got Sh*t on lock. Much respect.

August 3, 2017