Self esteem building techniques Tutorial: 6 Steps To A Postive Body Image
1. Create a list of people that you admire.
Write down why you admire each person.
As you are writing the characteristics you like, take notice of what you are writing down.
For example, a friend of Jovina’s my girlfriend has a high regard for Oprah.
Her list included: her generosity towards people,
her willingness to support what she believes in,
and her strong character that went for success no matter what background she came from.
You do not admire Oprah because of her looks; you admire her for the difference that she has made in the world.
For her contribution to society.
How she has touched and changed so many folks lives.

Self esteem building techniques #2

2. Remember a time in your life when you felt great about yourself.
Travel back in your life to a time when you were happy with your body.
Maybe this was high school or college.
Whatever the time, just close your eyes and remember how you felt.
Let these good feelings radiate within you.

Self esteem building techniques #3

3. Write down what you like about yourself now.
Take out a piece of paper and write down everything that you like about yourself: your legs, your eyebrows, your smile, your hair, etc.
The key here is to focus on the likes of yourself instead of the many dislikes.
Start appreciating what you do like about yourself.
This will make you feel better overall.

Self esteem building techniques # 4

4. Notice how you carry yourself when you walk.
Do you walk with your head down looking at the ground? Do you slump your shoulders? Perk up! Start walking and making eye contact with people.
Hold your head up high.
Walk with your shoulders held back.

Self esteem building techniques # 5

5. Start exercising.
If you haven’t exercised in a while, start off slow.
Go for a walk outside on a nice day.
If you are used to exercising, keep it up and change up your routine so that you don’t get bored.
When you exercise you begin to feel good about yourself, even if it is for 15 minutes.
Start off slow and work your way up.
6. Hang out with positive people.
Take a look at the people closest to you.
Are they positive or negative people? Chances are if they are negative this attitude will reflect on you and your attitude.
Try to limit your time with any negativity as this will only make you feel bad about yourself.
You will focus on the things that you do not like about yourself.

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