NICE GUYS- Why do nice guys finish last!!!!

NICE GUYS- Why do nice guys finish last!!!!

Nice Guys. Why don’t women want a nice guy? Why do they finish last in the dating pool?

A recent survey was conducted on a show called “The Real.”.
This survey was a look at how women felt about nice guys in their audience.
Today I am going to share with you the results of this survey.
Starting with the number one complaint about nice guys.
You see the survey did not come back positive.
So here is the number one issue with nice guys and why they finish last.

#1 Nice guys are ” Boring!”
They said nice guys are just plain old boring. They sit there trying so hard to be nice instead of being themselves. They try to hard to elicit smiley faces from women. They just want to please women too much. They have no verbal game and are often nervous just talking to a woman they find attractive.
With no verbal game women get bored to tears on dates with nice guys if they will suffer accepting one.

#2 Nice guys are seen as being “Weak!”
Nice guys are seen as being weak males. Because they bend over to pander and cater to women this comes off as being weak even though they the nice guys falsely defend to the death their weak behavior. Nice guys do not give off the vibe that they can protect a woman. A sure sign of their weakness shows up in compliant #3 which is.

# 3 NIce guys Call every day!
Nice guys call every day and often women don’t want to hear from them. A man who calls a woman too much gets irritating to them. And he is seen as being.

#4 Nice guys are too Clingy!
Weak men are clingy men. No woman wants to be around a clingy man. In fact clingy men are known to do weird and often life threatening things to women such as stalk them. Phone calling every day all day long is one version of staking. Weak men want to make sure she isn’t sleeping with someone else because their game is weak and they don’t trust their manhood or their women. Basically the problem stems from their own inner issues. Women don’t ask for that when they agree to date a man. They are hoping that this man will actually be a real man who has conquered his inner issues and is ready for the dating pool. But way too often weak men lack.

# 5 Nice guys tend to lack masculinity!

A masculine man feels good to a woman’s mind. Women whom are feminine are attracted to their opposite which is a masculine man. In todays society women are complaining about the …to learn the rest please watch this video.

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