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How to get Women Into Bed Quickly & Easily!

Discover the secret of master players on how to escalate women into bed with almost ZERO fuss or rejections!


Grab This Powerful Report And Learn To Stop Ending Up In Friend zone And Put Her Into Bed!



From the desk of Chris Arnett aka Player Supreme

To guys who are struggling to get laid and often end up in friendzone!

Hey, Chris Arnett here…


Are you frustrated in the dating game when you get a girl over and boom nothing happens?  You can’t figure out when to go in for the kiss, she gets bored and suddenly says well it’s time for me to go home to bed.  Arrgg, that whole time you sat there in fear..

Are you irritated with your lack of success in the dating game?  Feeling alone while your other buds have women?  Your family thinking that you’re gay cause you still don’t show up with a date at holidays?

Or, are you struggling just to get a date or ask a girl out?  Tired of those Saturday mornings alone?  You go out and see couples having coffee laughing and joking and there you still are ALL ALONE feeling creepy…

If so your not alone.

I understand how you feel.

I was super shy in high school.  I couldn’t talk to girls.  I stuttered.  I was creepy (yes I really was).  I combed my hair backwards like a black dracula fellas.  I copied Spock from Star Trek (the original of course).  So imagine this type walking around way before the goths scene started back when it was normal out there.  I crushed on girls big time also.  But I couldn’t talk to them.

In frustration I ordered the first book on dating and seduction called:

“How To Pick Up Girls.”


I read the book and all it really said was go up and talk to girls.  Big whoop.  That was my fear.  Well I got out of high school and didn’t go to my senior prom cause I waited till the day of the dam thing to ask Adurey Brown out and she said she was busy.  Took me weeks and weeks to build up the courage to ask her and I got shot down well deservedly too.

In college I finally got my first girlfriend.  I met her in the library since I was a book worm (with muscles though).  Seems kinda funny that a “black guy” was having trouble huh?  Well I did.  I picked her up and took her out to see the first Star Wars movie and then we got a bite to eat and I dropped her off at home.  We walked up to her apartment door and I fumbled and stumbled and bumbled.  It was kiss time and I was scared shitless.  There I was a big strapping man and I was as weak as a got dam mouse right then.  She stood there waiting and blinking.  I stood there shaking and quacking.

Does this sound familar?

Finally I got the balls up to kiss her.

After 8 years of marriage (a long story) to that girl, I got back into the dating game at age 28 and stayed dating lots of girls until my little brother passed from cancer at age 44 in 2004.

In my time having fun dating lots and lots of women I learned a lot about not just myself first but women in general.

My game grew to the masters level. I have had women give me cash, pay for things such as cars, trips, clothes, etc..etc.. I have had women give me tons of gifts and basically become my sex slave.

From a total geek and goober in high school to living the life of my dreams. I learned a lot about how to master and control a woman’s mind and body.

Control the mind and you control the pussy!

From this body of experience and plain old research I discovered a unique system that will work to stomp your fear into the dust when it comes time to escalate a woman into your bed.  A simple body movement that will crush her opposition into total compliance.  A powerful mindset that will have her jumping into bed with you at the drop of a hat.

You see here’s the truth

Most males these days have been pussy controlled aka whipped to death and a man showing his sexual confidence has been almost bred out of men today.

In our society of gender flopping fops and ardent feminism running rampant, metro sexual, homosexuals, down low creeps all pooled together into one stinking pile of shit we call society, it’s no wonder men are just plain fucked up.

We have lost our ability to behave and act like men.  We as men are not meant to be wall flower types of cooing dove like men squeaking like mice through life.

We are hear to roar and strut like real men!

So my goal is to give you your balls back and teach you how to put these females into your bed!

You have been bamboozled, hoodwinked, had the wool not pulled over your eyes but rammed up your behinds with this whole nice guy weak man routine that hollywood put out.   Sorry women do like nice guys or weak males, but they just don’t want to have sex with them.  You’ve been totally lied to.  Time for a new program that will work for you at getting the woman or women that you like into bed right away.

If I showed you in a little report what you can do to get your balls back and start taking total control of your dating and sex life that will get you laid more often than ever before.

If so then you’re going to love this report!!!


In this report I will show you:

1. Where your fear and problems escalating came from-4 Sources!

2. What behaviors that 97% of the guys have that are killing their game with women!

3. What behaviors that players and men like me have that draw women in irresistibly!

4. How to get the right mindset that will turn you into a bedroom magnet!

5. One technique that works every time quickly and easily!

 Would this be of value to you?

Look, I have been online helping guys since 2001.  You may not of heard of me but let me show you a few fellows who have:


This actor wanted his face blurred out


Jeremy from Indiana

 Listen to Bangura X


@  WillToSucceed : (08 August 2015 – 09:56 PM) Edit icon Hey Supreme, your escalation bible is GOLDEN


@  mackreborn : (09 August 2015 – 06:35 AM) Edit icon That Escalation Bible is golden @Will I agree. 

I’m not a internet theory guy who puts out all these theories on dating.  I give you the real truth of what works out there.  I’ve been doing this for a long long time.  I only speak the truth.  I won’t tell you that you can be short fat and balding and with my magic ebook you will date 6′ tall models.  Sorry I don’t blow smoke up guys asses for a buck.  I do give you the hard nosed honestly brutal truth of how to get laid in the real world off the internet.

This has made me an enemy of the majority of so-called guru’s (basically internet marketers) out there on the net.  I’ve had my sites hacked and destroyed with viruses.  I’ve had my youtube channel trolled for years by mysterious males.  I’ve been called racial words in an effort to run me off the internet.


 I will be honest with you.  If you come off like a nerd or a geek then you will get a nerd or geeks response in the dating game.  Both are mental programs that we take on.   Let me show you a more successful mental program to put in your mind to boost your dating success through the roof.  You have heard what others have said about me, my products and my honesty.

Let me help you.  Order my report now. 

It’s only 7 bucks till Aug, 1 2015.  Yeah 7 bucks.  I also sell my tools as I call them at fair honest prices. But, don’t think there is no value in what I offer.  The price will triple in a few days so get it now.

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