Friends With Benefits



How is a friend with benefit relation/commitment meant to work?

Hey Supreme, I have a question. How is a friend with benefit situation meant to work in terms of sexual commitment? Do I have to sit her down and have this talk with her, because I feel like I have to? I say this because, every time she’s horny, she calls me and invites herself round and we fuck. However, whenever I am horny she is not in the mood so she doesn’t come round. So this is my dilemma with my  friend with benefit She likes our sex sessions, because she keeps coming back for more but it’s always on her time. Honestly supreme, am I being a little bitch about all this? If I am please tell me. Should I just be grateful or is this game all about control, which I clearly don’t have yet. Maybe it’s just my ego in dealing with my friends with benefits situation… but I am blessing her with some good dick because she says during our session she keeps saying “I missed you big dick ect…”. And she is also the one who taps out first, I literally put her to sleep and after our session my bed is always wet with her juice, I find it hard to cum especially with a condom on so I can last for hours.


In addition, supreme I am not obsessing over this particular girl but I am obsessing over the game. Because I am working on building a team; going out every Friday, and talking to other girls. But I can’t help but wonder how people like yourself, Greece2000 and handtohand gain complete control over women’s sexuality. Or maybe, you’ve got a greater understanding of them.