4 Keys to Hittin It.

4 Keys to Hittin It.

Step 1: Don’t shuck and jive with your hat in your hand with no bitch.

When you approach or she approaches, don’t act like you are a punk just meeting a fine babe for the first time. The bitch will sense your insecurities and you ass will get nowhere real fast. Never act like you are a punk to a bitch.

Step2: Put that female in her place

Alotta guys act like they are in the presence of some famous actor when they meet dimes and get all nervous and shit. They freeze up and hem and haw. Ain’t no bitch made with a superhuman pussy. Don’t make her ass god almighty and you become one of those biblical prophets falling down to his knees shaking and quaking. This will leave you with the “friend” mark. Your ass is dead in the water even before you open your mouth. Instant death because you acted like a weak-skinny low clout boy.

The first thing you must do is take that bitch off her cloud pedestal and put her in the reality of your  mind. If you have to imagine her ass taking a dump to take the veneer of godhood of her ass. Do what ever it takes to snap yo’ ass back into reality.

Take the attitude of a successful pimp. Adopt the outlook that this ho’ must prove herself worthy to yo’ ass. This will reverse the game. Her status will go down in ya mind and your status will “raise up like the dead” in her mind. Try it this shit works.

Step3: Show the woman that you got game and you’re a major player.

When you first meet a ho’ most of the game is non-verbal in nature. What you gotta do is get the bitches interest first, then use your mouthpiece. You gotta have your front looking good (clothes, style, dress, grooming). Your shit’s gotta say yo ass is a player. Forget that baggy  bum look. This shit is for true hard. Real O.G’s.

Step4: Catch the bitches eye.

I see a lot of guys look then they shoot themselves down with the “averted gaze” reflex. You gotta learn how to hold a bitches look without backing down. It’s a war to show your manhood if you lose you lose the game. This shit takes practice. When a bitch notices me looking at her ass I don’t look away. I give her a deep look and add a slight confident smile, not that’s non-verbal. What I communicate is that I am man enough to handle yo’ bitch ass ho and I will make you bow down before a real man.

Timing is everything. You want to hold eye contact with her and smile for at least 5 seconds. Then break away for about two seconds then give the ho a lingering look again. You want her ass to look down and this will show that she is submissive to you now.

This is your first non-verbal communication tool. This will tell you if the bitch is interested or not. Don’t beat yourself up this shit takes practice. Approach the game focused on the process not the outcome. Learn to have fun playing the game.