0 Plus 0

0 plus 0 equals 0. If your getting zero results in your life then that means your not putting any effort into going from point A to B.

1 plus 1 equals 2.

If you make 1 step toward finding a woman then you will get results.

When was the last time you saw a pretty girl and did zero nada…jack shyt… What did you get. Zero. Nadah…jack off time.

But if you had of made just one effort to meeting her you might of ended up at 2 which is two people together. You dig.

I remember when I was young, going and asking a girl to dance what the hardest thing in my life at that time to do. I would debate it over and over and build up my courage and finally just before the end of the night take that first step in her direction.

All it took was that first step and then it became two steps…and on and on until I reached point A. Asking her to dance.

I also went through this same fear and first step process when I got into freestyle dancing. Where you would show your shit and dance alone. It took me quite some time just to build up enough courage just to make that first step toward the floor. This was back when folks were just starting to dance by themselves…only cause they were too chicken to ask others to dance is what I realized much much later on.

Once you set your foot in that direction towards point A or B, momentum carries you forward. Once you get used to walking in that direction the path gets easier.

There is no magic secrets to boost your first steps. No magic techniques to use to get you to walk over and say hello to that girl. This is a path that you gotta walk alone.

But I guarantee you once you get used to it all of the obstacles disappear. It no longer seems like such a steep climb uphill after all. In looking back over my own progress it’s funny how high that steep mountain looked.

There is no magic fairies to create for you a woman in your life so don’t get your hopes up wishing for one. A wise man once said “Seek and ye shall Find” “He helps those who help themselves”.

I have found those words to be true in my life. I have also found these to be true also:

“Those that have shall be given more…those that have not even that shall be taken from them”

If you have women then it’s easy to get them again. If you don’t getting back into the flow is hard too do as my one buddy is finding out for the umpteenth time.

Let’s apply this to just spitting some game. If you spit game then you shall be allowed more opportunities to spit more game…if you don’t spit game even that game that you have to spit shall be taken from you…that means you will get less opportunities to spit your game.

Apply the good book it does work fellas.

Now may I burn in hell for bastardizing the bible….I just hope they are ready for me when I get there to jump start the part…lol.